Pre-riding the course notes:

You can pre-ride the course - the roads are open and unrestricted. We will be having road repair work scheduled 2 weeks prior so most of the issues you will see will be mended. But ...

1 - approach the course through Copperas Cove - Main Street - Rt 116.
At the end of town (you can tell) you'll take a right on to the base across a cattle guard. The Fort Hood Challenge is roughly 6 miles down the road from there.

2 Please leave a visible note on your dash stating that you are riding the race course. You can park in the big crushed stone lot on the west side of the start/finish intersection

3 - THERE ARE NO FACILITIES OF ANY KIND ON THE COURSE - take more water than you'll need and your flat fixin' stuff

4 - Military traffic has the right of way and often consists of vehicles that have restricted vision. They don't want to kill you but they may not be able to see you well ... Believe me they won't sneak up on you, but it's your job to clear of them.

5 - You're on a active military base during war-time. You are in an unrestricted area so you have all the "right" to be there - the authorities know you're going to come and appreciate what we're doing for the base - BUT if someone that even looks close to official talks to you the answer is "yes sir" ... during your pre-rides you must have a picture ID on your person.

6 - The road is under what is called an "Open Range" area ~ That's the military way of saying artillery regularly shoots over the road. This is about as dangerous as riding a roller coaster ... but that freight train sound going over you is probably an 8" on it's way ... don't get worried or whatever ... it's just part of the deal. ON the backside of the course, you will pass two middle eastern villages - complete with appropriate signage. That guy with the AK47 is part of the deal ... don't worry, don't stop, there's nothing to see here, folks. Monday through Thursdays there will be the sound of small arms fire - and for those of us who remember - the first time an AK47 burst goes off - your concentration on the gear and hill goes all to hell.

7 - Free Range Cattle. Real Cowboy stuff. The Fort is home to many Long Horn + cattle. Why the "+" well ... Real Long Horns of yesteryear were about 200 lbs of beef and scrawny ... these are the result of imported breeds and they are about 2000 lbs ... If they want the road, please give it to them ...

8 - Stop in to Coppeas Cove on the way in or out ... go to the Italian Restaurant or any Chamber Member and tell them thanks for the racing in the past and the future. They paid for Harmon Road being repaired for you and are going all out to make October work ...